Thank you for your interest in our small, family-owned business. We are delighted to bring you gorgeous Turkish Textiles, from our family to yours.


If you’re like us, you love quality fabrics, beautiful patterns, and a sense of adventure. We have towels, robes and blankets for everyone in your family and every room in your home!


So how did MELiS iMPORTS come to be?

 I came to Turkey to work summers on a small chartered boat off the stunning Turquoise Coast and quickly amassed a small collection of Turkish towels. As fate would have it, I moved to Turkey. When I traveled home for visits I always brought towels and blankets as gifts. Of course, I also loved to take guests textile shopping when they came to visit. I learned about fabrics and manufacturing while practicing my Turkish. MELiS iMPORTS was born out of my interest in these fabrics, and the great reception they received from friends & family. I got my husband on board and teamed up with Jayme Jo, after we both had our babies in Istanbul. Together we are MELiS iMPORTS.


Our collection of high-quality towels, robes and blankets are hand-picked from small boutique manufacturers in Turkey who traditionally loom our goods with care and expertise, in small lots. These textiles have a long history and connection to the region - Turkish Cotton has been grown here since 400 A.D.! They are beautiful and yet, so decidedly functional. We test and use all of our products and know you'll love them as much as we do. Our limited edition pieces can’t be purchased anywhere in the USA!


Thank you,


Melissa Fidan
The Melis in Melis Imports
Melissa (Missy) is the buyer, photographer and driving force behind our little operation. Contact her for bulk sales and questions about fabrics, products and orders - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Yakup Fidan
Professional Traveler, Linguist
Yakup is our web guru, official translator and international shipping expert.
Jayme Jo Ebert
Drop-shipper, Markets & Fairs Coordinator
Based in Minnesota, Jayme Jo wraps, packs and ships your orders with love. You can find her at Midwestern fairs and markets, representing MELiS iMPORTS and sharing her love of Turkey.


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 Is Melis Imports Sustainable?

Our products are made with Turkish Cotton & bamboo. We are happy to report that both of these materials are eco-friendly fibers. Turkish Cotton is farmed sustainably and the proof is in the soil - cotton has been cultivated here in Turkey since 400 A.D! The practice remains little changed in many areas, this method of cultivation has a low impact on our planet. It also sustains rural communities, while maintaining a long held tradition. Bamboo, likewise, is a fast growing, durable and low-water usage plant. Our products, which become softer and more absorbent overtime, are the opposite of "fast-fashion." We aim to make goods which are an investment for a family to use for many, many years to come.


Is Melis Imports Organic?

We are not able to guarantee that our goods are 100% Organic at this time, partly due to the different cultural understanding of what that is, exactly. We remain committed to seeking out sustainable, fair-trade goods for our customers and for a better future.


Waste reduction Initiatives

Melis Imports has made waste reduction a conscious choice, reflected in our minimal packaging and near elimination of paperwork. We also work with our producers to eliminate waste and use of plastic in the transportation of our goods.

Super love my towels! Instantly absorbing, keeping kiddo warm, and they dry out fast too. My favourite baby gift now!

Oly A.

Fabulous, high quality products, original design, these make super gifts!

Rebecca C.

High quality towels and robes!! Light weight and holding much less volume than traditional towels, yet much more absorbent. Suitable to carry it everywhere, beach, swimming pool..

Sanem K.

These are my favorite towels yet! So soft! So big and cozy!

April Marie W.